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5 Ways to Hit a Volleyball - wikiHow

How to Hit a Volleyball Method 1 Method 1 of 5: Serving Overhand. Set your body in the correct posture. To hit an overhand serve, you need to... Method 2 Method 2 of 5: Serving Underhand. Stand with your feet staggered. Having the correct posture when serving is an... Method 3 Method 3 of 5: Bumping ...

How to Hit a Volleyball

How to Hit a Volleyball with a Slide Attack chase the ball line up with the ball on your hitting shoulder jump off your left foot (if you're right handed) drift through the air as you make contact with the ball

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The 15 Volleyball Hits All Players Must Know – Volleyball Expert

The 15 Volleyball Hits All Players Must Know 1. Overhand Serve ​ An overhand serve is the most popular way to serve the ball. It can be efficient and powerful,... 2. Underhand Serve ​ The underhand serve is used by beginners and those unable to swing at a ball above the head. The... 3. Jump ...

How to Hit a Volleyball Harder - LiveAbout

If you've timed your approach correctly you can wait until that hitting hand is in the perfect spot on top of the ball and then take a good, hard swing. Keep an eye out for the block, but if the coast is clear or you see a hole in the block, you can hit the ball at a sharp downward angle. Arm swing. Ball Contact.

How To HIT A Volleyball ⎮ For Beginners! - YouTube

It's finally here! The first part of hitter's segment! We will be working on our volleyball approach and learning our footwork to take those first couples of...

Different Types of Volleyball Hits | SportsRec

The first hit in a volleyball game is the serve. Depending on the league or the level of those playing, a serve can be underhand, overhand, or a jump serve. Underhand serves use a closed fist or open palm to hit the ball over the net using an underhand motion.

4 Key Ways To Perfect the Art of Hitting - Volleyball Advice

4 Key Ways To Perfect the Art of Hitting Record Yourself. One of the best and simplest ways you can become better at hitting is by recording yourself as you hit... Communicate With Your Setter. As the setter on your team is one who places the ball in the position so you can hit it,... Hit the Ball ...

7 common hitting approach errors and how to fix them

Hip rotation starts the action, then the body follows and pulls the elbow forward. Your hand trails your elbow and you bend at the elbow, causing your forearm to be a whip. Finish with a high snap if you’re hitting for accuracy, and for full power, your hitting shoulder finishes past your non-hitting shoulder.